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 Favorite Photos by Hugh Cox
Hugh D. Cox 1998 

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Grand Canyon National Park Backpacking
© Hugh D. Cox 1998
all photos by Hugh D. Cox
(or attorney/backpacker Sean Kendall of Boulder, Colorado)

More Grand Canyon Photos from 1999      GCNP1     GCNP2     GCNP3

Rainbow over Phantom Ranch - photo from Bright Angel Trail (March 18, 2003)

O'Neill Butte from Cedar Breaks along South Kaibab Trail 1998

hermit03.jpg (40855 bytes)
View of Hermit's Trail (right side of canyon)

from Dripping Springs Trail - March 1998
A superb view "discovered" by Sean Kendall

desert view river.jpg (25262 bytes)
Desert View overlook of Colorado River - March 1999

river overlook.jpg (32038 bytes)
Kaibab Trail above Bright Angel Campground and Phantom Ranch - March 1998

grandview1.jpg (25103 bytes)
Grandview trail view - March 1999

hermit view 35mm.jpg (26671 bytes)
View from Dripping Springs Trail - March 1999

tower desert view.jpg (21575 bytes)
Tower at Desert View - March 1999